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Design and technology

Meljac has multiple solutions that combine technology and design. All the brand’s collections can be adapted for use with any home automation system on the market and can also serve as sleek, elegant casings for other devices (air conditioning control panels, access control, audio and intercom systems, lighting control, etc.). With Meljac, you can harmonise your fittings while remaining free to choose the technology that suits you best.


Meljac reveals the elegance in home automation
Meljac’s creations are all designed and crafted in France using quality materials such as brass, tempered glass and porcelain. The brand is renowned for its exquisite quality.
Meljac’s products can be adapted for use with existing home automation systems, with four options:


Traditional, pre-wired
All the designs in Meljac’s collections are compatible
The Meljac switch is directly connected to the distribution panel by the installer, or snap fitted to a module in the back box.

Meljac single

Meljac Cannelée collection for the Cheval Blanc St Tropez luxury hotel (Lutron)


Cresnet: embedded intelligence
Meljac development rooted in innovation
Meljac integrates Crestron smart solutions directly in its mechanisms with its own control card that simplifies connection.

Meljac single


Control card
Quick and easy connection, embeddable control
For some projects, Meljac can develop an electronic home automation card that replaces the wires in the switch.
The installer connects a smart interface to the card.

Meljac single


Bespoke products using Meljac’s know-how
Meljac creates bespoke casings to house keypads and screens for all types of home automation product.

Meljac single

Meljac casing for a Crestron keypad

Meljac single

             Lutron                                                           Black Nova


Meljac has 2 showrooms
and a network of around sixty authorized dealers worldwide.


Showroom & Siège

3 rue de la Procession
75015 Paris



5 rue Charles Dullin
69002 Lyon


Service Export

3 rue de la Procession
75015 Paris

Los Angeles

Meljac North America

2566 1/2 Lake View Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90039