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Screwless switches

Meljac offers a wide choice of screwless models based on an ingenious system that conceals all the mounting screws on the brass plate and still allows a slim 3mm design. The product exudes effortless sophistication, with an attention to detail that meets even the most exacting requirements. MELJAC is known for harnessing French expertise and combining state-of-the-art tools with the irreplaceable human touch to guarantee quality craftsmanship.


A well-honed technique

Meljac leverages its technical expertise to offer the thinnest solid brass plates available on the market, 3mm, for its standard and screwless models. The MELJAC design office has developed a backplate system that is incorporated into both the back box and the brass cover plate so that the switch can be firmly fixed. In most models, the back box is made of aluminium for maximum robustness and durability. The design and machining teams are also able to adapt the product to different types of back box (any brand).


Meljac single


The ultimate in elegance

Screwless models are an ideal option for a room that has been carefully designed down to the last detail. They are the perfect finishing touch in an exquisitely planned interior. They are particularly popular with brushed finishes (Brushed Nickel, Matte Chrome, Grey Gunmetal, Black Sand, Bronze, Brushed Brass, etc.) so that the brushed lines are not interrupted by screws. They are also sought after in other countries where back boxes are mounted with more screws, such as Switzerland, which uses four screws for its back boxes.


Meljac single


  • This option is available for the Classique and Ellipse collections (the Damier, Cannelée and Solaris collections are screwless by default).
  • The option can also be combined with other mechanisms (sockets, data ports, etc.).
  • Can be adapted to all Meljac and standard back boxes in any country.


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