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Limoges Collection

Decorative porcelain light switches


The collection

The models in the Limoges collection of porcelain light switches reveal the inherent delicacy of glazed or unglazed porcelain. They can feature a chosen colour or a personalised hand-painted pattern, becoming unique, beautifully crafted pieces of art.

In the luxurious world of interior design, the porcelain light switches in the Limoges collection are like jewels that elevate the space they are in. This collection achieves a perfect balance between elegance and functionality, offering a winning blend of style and utility.

Our switches embody a sophistication that stands the test of time. The Limoges porcelain used to produce the switches gives these pieces a singular charm, turning each into a work of art.

Our porcelain models are characterised by soft elegance. The smooth surface is pleasing to the touch, reflecting the care and precision that goes into the production of each porcelain light switch. The sleek lines and subtle details create a delicate tactile experience.

The meticulous craftsmanship behind the creation of this collection combines traditional techniques with contemporary innovation to produce beautifully elegant light switches. They reflect the expertise found in the Limoges region, where fine porcelain has been produced for many generations.

The white porcelain, either glazed or unglazed with a matte, rough surface, can be combined with a varied palette of colours. Explore bold tones and subtle shades to your heart’s content – or add an artistic dimension by choosing a hand-painted pattern. For an additional touch of sophistication, opt for gilding, available on request, to give each of the light switches in your home a unique shimmer.

With a choice of several toggles and push buttons (JMA, Seattle, Teardrop or Ellipse) to customise your Limoges porcelain light switches even further, they will blend perfectly with the other Meljac collections in your home.

Explore all the possibilities of the exclusive Limoges collection, where quality meets style. By opting for this blend of beauty and functionality, you can turn every push of a switch into a sensory experience. Each of your Limoges switches will become a stand-out piece in your interior, adding an extra touch of elegance to your home.

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