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Death of André BOUSQUET


André Bousquet, chairman and founder of MELJAC, passed away on 12 February 2019


André Bousquet, founder of MELJAC, a leader in luxury electrical hardware, recently passed away at the age of 67, in his Paris apartment where he lived with his wife and two daughters. He was a dynamic visionary, an entrepreneur, and a man of character who combined a passion for French craftsmanship with a big heart.  He excelled in forging close ties with his employees and all those who were lucky enough to meet him.


Jean-Michel Lagarde, who has been the company’s CEO since February 2015, is very committed to following in the footsteps of André Bousquet, for whom a deep appreciation of work and humanity were top priorities.

“Today we have lost the father of MELJAC and it is a great sorrow to all of us. André Bousquet passed on his love for the company to me over the 4 years that I spent working as his counterpart. It is therefore an honour to continue developing what was so dear to him, with the support of each of our employees who all uphold MELJAC’s tenets of pride in the work and human values.”, Jean-Michel Lagarde, CEO of MELJAC

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Pride in work and innovation: André Bousquet’s heritage


All the teams, touched by this sudden loss, wish to pay homage to a boss they felt close to and for whom each skill counted. Continuing to develop MELJAC while valuing their own skill-sets is the best way to perpetuate André Bousquet’s legacy.

His choice to take on a CEO to work alongside him on the company’s 20th anniversary in 2015 also enabled him to concentrate more on looking for new talent and to pass on his skills and knowledge, which was deeply important to him.

Today, every employee adheres to the brand’s values, where quality and innovation are driving principals.


Portrait of a visionary employer who was one of a kind


Hailing from a small community in Aveyron, André Bousquet left his home to found his own electrical contracting company in Paris. He very quickly realised that the available electrical hardware lacked a special finishing touch.

As a man who had fallen in love with the French capital city, he chose to stay there in 1995 to launch his company specialising in the manufacturing of high-end brass switches and sockets.  He instantly chose to call the company MELJAC, the name of his beloved native village.

His novel and attractive products attracted many architects, interior designers and individual fans. His aim was to marry functionality with aesthetics through the use of traditional skills and French craftsmanship.

André Bousquet was an avant-garde trailblazer and took his company to the very top, positioning it as the leader in its market while constantly delighting everybody with new products. He began expanding internationally from 1997 onwards, and the brand is now present in 60 countries worldwide.

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