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Damier Collection

Modern light switches with square buttons


The collection

The Damier collection features solid brass light switches and sockets in a modern style. They are sleek and stylish, with no visible screws and a straight-edged design.
Damier controls have raised or flush 12V push buttons in the same finish as the plate. They are often installed for home automation systems.
These models are ideal for an elegant interior, with or without home automation.

Are you looking for a range of modern light switches and sockets? The Damier collection will set your space apart with its linear design and sleek style. Characterised by screwless straight-edged plates with square buttons, Damier is the epitome of quiet luxury. The collection features sophisticated models that combine elegance and technical skill,  perfectly complementing your interior as you use them each day.

With a simple, harmonious appearance, the switches and sockets in this range are both modern and functional and come with the option of combining several controls on a single plate.

Our slim brass plates (just 3mm) are visually stylish, blending seamlessly with the wall or surface.

Damier push buttons can be raised or flush and are systematically given the same finish as the plate – choose from a colour chart containing 30 different hand-crafted finishes produced in France in keeping with the finest tradition.

You might also want to try something a little different by varying the shape of your push buttons – square, round, triangular, rectangular, oblong… Stamp your personality on your interior by combining originality with the modern aesthetic of Damier switches!

The geometrical shapes in the Damier collection fit perfectly into contemporary interiors and also offer a touch of modernity in more traditional decors.

You can customize these modern switches by adding an engraving directly to the push buttons. This means that you can combine several functions (lighting, blinds, audio, home automation features, etc.) on a single plate, while easily identifying the function of each control. This elegant, practical solution retains the sleek design and finish of the brass plate. You can also opt for a coloured resin engraving that contrasts with the colour of the plate.

Gone are the days of several single sockets side by side, taking up too much room! We can produce the exact combination of modern sockets that you need: single, double, triple, four-way – anything is possible! And if you are renovating, we can make use of your existing back boxes. Contact us to see how best to arrange your low- and line-voltage sockets.

Our brand is renowned for its exquisite quality, and our unique creations have it all: optimum ease of use, aesthetic appeal with a precision finish, unlimited custom design options (engravings, backlighting, etc.) and a sturdy, sustainable material.

Elevate your interior with our luxury electrical fittings to add the finishing touch to your decoration. We combine our renowned expertise with state-of-the-art technology to create a model that ticks all your boxes.

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