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The collection

The Meljac X Tournaire Décor partnership has given rise to the Tournaire bronze collection, which turns luxury light switches into genuine works of art. The jewellery creator Maison Tournaire’s five iconic motifs (Alchimie, Engrenages, Bas-relief, Construction and Catacombes) are now available on Meljac switches.

For its first collaboration with another “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant”, or Living Heritage Company, Meljac complements Maison Tournaire’s unparalleled craftsmanship. The manufacturing techniques used by the two brands (3D modelling, lost wax casting and surface treatment) can be applied to produce any number of bespoke pieces, with complex shapes or models inlaid with precious stones.

The Tournaire collection of light switches epitomises the ultimate in art and luxury. These light switches, the result of a partnership with Tournaire Décor, transcend their functional role to become exquisite artworks, reflecting a sublime blend of quality materials, unique expertise and singular designs.

For its first collaboration with another “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant”, or Living Heritage Company, Meljac decided to combine its expertise with that of Maison Tournaire.

The collection exudes luxury, with light switches which go beyond the ordinary to offer an elegance that elevates your space. With timeless straight edges and no visible screws to interrupt the textured designs, they add a sophisticated touch to any room.

The five emblematic motifs of Maison Tournaire are reproduced on Meljac’s luxury light switches, resulting in products that are functional, durable and stylish.

Construction and Catacombes radiate elegance, and Alchimie, Engrenages and Bas-Relief are exquisitely luxurious, with the addition of precious stones. With the latter three motifs, the plate can be studded with carefully selected stones to produce a unique jewelled creation.

The light switches can be customised to suit your needs and tastes, with a choice between three toggle designs (Ellipse, Seattle and JMA) or a push button, and the option of incorporating up to four controls on each plate to save space.

These switches don’t just decorate the walls of your interior – they elevate the entire room, adding details and texture.

The blend of materials and the craftsmanship of the two brands result in unparalleled quality. Each creation is produced in keeping with the finest traditions, harnessing the various techniques mastered by Meljac and Tournaire Décor (3D modelling, lost wax casting and surface treatment).

If you are looking to recreate your interior, these luxury light switches will take your space to the next level, becoming a central feature in your design scheme.

Step into a whole new world where luxury meets art, where functionality becomes a sensory experience. These light switches redefine the very notion of interior design, turning each wall into an elegant canvas, awakening the soul of your home and adding a sophisticated signature.

The Meljac X Tournaire Décor collection is about so much more than just high-end light switches.

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